Hardwood Urn
Hardwood Urn

Hardwood Urn

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The classic urn boasts a sleek design with a horizontal grain in a stain mahogany, cherry, walnut or oak finish.


Material:  Wood
Closure: Screw Bottom (2 screws)

Sizes:  (Pet Weight)  Urn Length x Width x Height
Small  (to 30 lbs)   4.7" x  3.7" x  4.2"
Medium  (to 60 lbs)   6" x  4.7" x  5"
Large  (to 100 lbs)   6.5"x  4.7" x  5.7"
X-Large  (to 135 lbs) -  8.0" x  5.2" x  7"


Finishes:  Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut or Oak

+ Engraved Plaque
    Plaque is placed on the FRONT of the urn

Lettering in all caps may decrease character limits
The more  characters per line the smaller the lettering

* With engraving, please allow up to 2½  weeks for completion.

*If you would like to customized the engraving format, please give us a call for personalized assistance (530) 365-9093