MDF Photo Cube
MDF Photo Cube
MDF Photo Cube
MDF Photo Cube

MDF Photo Cube

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The photo cube accommodates three pictures and has a separate cremains compartment. The finish is a beautiful shimmery color.


Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Closure: Secured Closure Panels on Bottom

Sizes:  Length x Width x Height
Small  (to 30 lbs)   4.2" x  4.2" x  4.2"
Medium  (to 50 lbs)   4.8" x  4.8" x  4.8"
Large  (to 100 lbs)   5.7" x  5.7" x  5.7"


Finishes: Violet, Silver or Navy

+LASER Engravable

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* With engraving, please allow up to 2½ weeks for completion.

*  You can also have an engraved plaque placed on the top of the urn instead of the laser engraving on the front.  Go to Engrave Plaques to order or you can give us a call for personalized assistance (530) 365-9093