Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory

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Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory

Over the years more and more pet parents wish to have their pets privately cremated. Most families do so as they want to have the cremated remains of their beloved pet home with them or they may want to bury their petís cremains in his or her favorite spot.
Some families may choose to scatter while others may choose cremation burial here at Sleepy Hollow. All pet cremations at Sleepy Hollow are performed in our licensed crematories by our caring and certified cremation staff.

For the pet parents that prefer burial, we have a beautiful dedicated cemetery. Families can personally choose the burial location and plot for their petís forever resting place.

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  • Private   Cremation
  • Group   Cremation

  • Traditional   Burial
  • Cremation   Burial