Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory

~ Cremation Services ~

Private Cremation
All pets entrusted to Sleepy Hollow for private cremation are cremated separately, partitioned within the cremation chamber, in one of our two on-site crematories. Sleepy Hollow has adopted strict procedures to ensure the identity and the integrity of your petís cremains. For petís returning home, cremains are placed in our complimentary decorative tin urn or in one of our many specialty urns you selected and purchased for your beloved pet. Cremains can also be scattered in our St. Francis of Assisi Garden by your family or by our caring staff. You may also choose to bury your petís cremains at Sleepy Hollow. See burial services.

Enhanced Cremation Services
These personalized services are available upon request with an additional fee.

Same Day Cremation: Arrangements need to be made in advance to have your pet cremated the same day you bring your pet to Sleepy Hollow. Depending on scheduling, you may be able to return later in the day or return the next morning to receive their cremains.

Individual Cremation: You may request that your pet be placed alone inside the crematory chamber.

Attended Cremation: Families can arrange to be included in the individual cremation process. This will require an early morning appointment be scheduled in advance. You will have the opportunity to say ďa last good-byeĒ, view the placement of your pet in the crematory chamber and witness the removal and the processing of their cremated remains.

Group Cremation
With group cremation, multiple pets are placed inside the crematory chamber and cremated together. Since all of the cremains are co-mingled, your petís cremains cannot be returned to you. Group cremains are buried on the non-dedicated portion of Sleepy Hollowís property. Visitation to this area is not possible.

Gift of Love Memorial
We do invite all pet parents and their family to visit the park where they can see THE GIFT OF LOVE MEMORIAL dedicated to all beloved pets. This memorial bears the words, "Let us thank God for those special and much loved little creatures, Our Pets, who have so brightened our lives with their gift of love to us". This memorial is dedicated to all pets that brought love and happiness into our lives and are no longer with us. Any family may honor their pet by placing a special photo-metal plaque on our Gift of Love Memorial Wall. A family may purchase a plaque in memory of their pet that was lost, buried at home, privately or group cremated or who simply wishes to memorialize their pet for any reason.

Veterinary Assistance
At the time of need you may bring your pet directly to Sleepy Hollow or you may make arrangements through your veterinary office. Most veterinary offices in the Redding, Red Bluff, Corning, Los Molinos. Burney, Fall River, and some in Chico partner with us and can directly handle all of the arrangements for you. Other veterinary offices in Orland, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Yreka, Weaverville, Lewiston and Alturas assist families in making arrangements with us. Procedures do vary between offices so please give us a call if you wish detailed information.