Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory

~ Burial Services ~

Traditional Cemetery Burial
Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park currently has three open burial sections on dedicated cemetery land for your pet’s final resting place. Our “Lassen View” section is our Premier burial area as it overlooks our pond with a lovely view of Mt. Lassen. Our “Shadowing Oaks” burial section is conveniently located next to the entrance ramp and parking. “The Pines” burial area is located on the east side of the grounds providing you with an enjoyable walk across the pond. See our gallery for pictures of each of the burial sections.

All pets received for traditional burial are groomed, placed in a casket and buried in an individual plot that the family has personally selected. You may wish to have a viewing where family and friends can say “good-bye” and you can also request to be present at graveside for the interment. A granite or bronze memorial is required to mark your pet’s burial plot.

Costs for traditional burial vary depending on plot location, casket and memorial selection as well as the services desired. Because we understand that personal preferences and financial circumstances vary, we offer a variety of burial options. Fees and arrangements can be discussed over the phone or in person.

Cremation Burial
A special area of our cemetery is reserved for the burial of cremains. The St. Francis of Assisi Cremation section has smaller size burial plots for pet parents who wish to provide a permanent resting place for their beloved pet cremains.

For families with a large pet household, selecting a full burial plot in our traditional burial section will allow you to bury and memorialize the cremated remains of several of your pets in one plot.

Cemetery Dedication / Endowment
The formal cemetery grounds at Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park have been legally dedicated as a Pet Cemetery. This dedication was filed and recorded in Shasta County on Feb. 29, 1988. In keeping with the land dedication, Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park is also an Endowment Care Cemetery where funds from each burial are placed in trust for the continued care of the park. The land dedication and the endowment trust is in place to provide you with the security of knowing that all pets buried at Sleepy Hollow will remain here.